Small Rubber Feet

Model# BK-RI-K28



RI-K28 Rubber Feet maximize ButtKicker-brand system performance and are critical with any type of installation.

As energy from a ButtKicker-brand low frequency audio transducer travels through couch or chair, these rubber feet act like springs, allowing the furniture to move freely and independently of other structures.

The result is a much stronger effect without raising the volume/intensity level of the power amplifier. Along with this increased efficiency, users experience much greater tonal sensitivity and fidelity.


Additional Details

RI-K28 Isolators Now Come with Plastic Carpet Sliders

  • For use with furniture; ideal for sectional couches
  • Easily attaches with screw through center washer
  • Identical to additional isolators included in the ButtKicker LFE Kit and Couch Mounting Accessory Kit
  • Only available in package of four isolators
  • The larger kinetics isolators are recommended for platforms, risers and stages

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