The ButtKicker Family

ButtKicker low frequency audio transducers
are in a class of their own.

ButtKicker® Brand Technology

ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers are musically accurate, powerful, virtually indestructible and patented linear transducers, which recreate amplified audio signals in the feeling range.

They are similar to loudspeakers, but instead of moving a cone, and transferring sound waves through the air, they attache to seats, floors, platforms, etc, and send low frequency sound directly into the listener's body.



ButtKicker transducers are virtually indestructible and maintenance-free, with many thousands of units in service, some since 2001, without failure.

The ButtKicker family of low frequency transducers is used by the world's most demanding customers - IMAX, Disney, Universal Studios, professional and amateur musicians, theme parks and attractions, home theater professionals and enthusiasts, computer and console gamers and is the way to bring your entertainment experience to the next level.

Patented Technology

It’s a new, immersive dimension in home entertainment.

Using patented technology, ButtKicker products connect to your couch or chair and send the FEELING of special effects, explosions, rocket launches, racing engines, music and much more right through it and the viewers.



You’ve never experienced recorded music until you’ve felt it with a ButtKicker brand transducer.

By adding the missing sense of feeling, even a basic speaker system will seem like an expensive, state-of-the-art audio system.

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