ButtKicker Live!

ButtKicker Live!® brings the thrill of live sporting
events right into your own living room.


ButtKicker LIVE!® is patented technology that enables the “excitement”, “impact” and “feeling” of sporting events to broadcast along with the sound and video.

For sports like football and hockey, specially designed wireless sensors can be put on one or more play- ers and the impact they feel can become part of the broadcast allowing fans at home to feel like they are literally part of the game, live and in real-time.

BK Live!
BK Live!

At Home

All viewers at home need is the easy-to-use ButtKicker Kit to feel the action through their couch.

ButtKicker LIVE!® brings enabled sports to the event (stadium, race track or arena) as well as the home. By installing ButtKicker units in a section(s) of seating, like luxury boxes or a sponsors “best seats in the house”, fans can feel, and become part of, the action as it happens.

Rollout Testing & Progress

ButtKicker LIVE!® was tested with the Columbus Blue Jackets NHL hockey team at the Nationwide Arena by placing accelerometers and pressure sensors on the hockey rink walls.

Fans in a ButtKicker LIVE!®-enabled test seating area were able to feel the impact of play- ers being checked against the wall.

BK Live!
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